Tuesday 21 October 2008

Deptford X Golden Ball in Creek Mystery

I know this is a very bad photo but I took it with my phone in night mode. I have seen this Golden Ball in many places but never in the place I believe it was meant to be installed. Although maybe the whole point is that it is a moving installation?

I saw it just over a week ago being carried along Creekside and then tonight floating on the Creek, but I managed to miss it like this:

I nicked this photo from Transpontine - thanks! I'm quite enjoying this spotting of the Golden Ball. I feel like it is making funny little cameo appearances in my life. Have you seen it anywhere else? I wonder where I'll see it next...


DDKK said...

There are some on the top floor balconies of the new flats off Deptford High St (see my blog entry) and quite a few of different sizes elsewhere, for example there is a small one in the window of the Sally Army charity shop next to the station. I guess this one will be at the Thames Barrier when the tide is right!

The Creekside Crawler said...

I've seen loads of golden balls flying all over the place.

Some have even been silver and shaped like a square! (see my blog entry)