Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Creature of the Creek

I wonder if anyone has recently sailed down the Creek. A friend and I were contemplating doing it last year in a dingy from Sidcup to the mouth of the Thames. Obviously we would have to time it correctly so that the dingy would not become impaled on apple powerbooks. I would still like to do it, but floating through Lewisham, past the railway station scares me somewhat. I think I am slightly obsessed with the Creek. I love it that it looks different every time I walk/dlr past it. I've been noticing that my favourite creature has been spending his/her mornings there lately. God knows what the little creature is eating for breakfast.

I did actually take that photo. I had some others on my phone but unfortunately that got skilfully swiped from my pocket outside Lewisham police station.


DDKK said...

You wouldn't get very far as there is a weir right next to Lewisham College. Why not try walking it at low tide instead? The Creekside Centre leads excellent walks (you get to borrow waders and a big stick) and you can pick through flotsam and jetsam to your heart's content. They also have a rather amazing collection of things that have come out of the Creek over the years!

Deptford Girl said...

No weir will get in my way! I've been to the Creekside Centre and done a walk, fancy setting sail now. A dingy, some oars, a map, a thermos and I'm all for navigating that winding little south east London tidal trickle.

fabhat said...

I've seen someone in a motorboat putter down Deptford Creek from lewisham college heading out to the Thames - looked fun!