Tuesday, 14 October 2008

It's what dlreams are made of

I had no idea how much my journey to and from work actually affected my subconscious until I had a dream. I know that the recounting of one's dreams can be one of the most boring things to be subjected to and I'll tell you now that this recount is no exception so I'll be brief. I dreamt that I was getting on the rail replacement bus for the dlr outside Limehouse station. As if the reality of it wasn't bad enough.

Once upon a time I loved the dlr. I loved its frequency, the ever-changing incredible skyscraper and waterway views, the fact that more often than not on my outgoing journey I would get a seat and that unlike the train from Deptford station I was not stood with my nose under a stranger's armpit and my ear next to some tinny headphone blaring out the "all music Deptford Girl hates" playlist. They are a calm and civilised bunch on the dlr and maybe that is the problem because tfl are at the moment taking the complete piss out of us. So my dream journey to work has become a nightmare one. I feel for all those that live on the one SE8 side of Deptford Broadway as they have no stairs or a touch in/out bleeper thing. They have to take the stairs and cross the road or get the very small lift but only if that don't have to touch in or out. A couple of weeks ago the dlr on two consecutive days decided not go all the way to Bank and stop at Canary Wharf forcing me to get a cab the rest of the way. I shall stop moaning now as it is possibly even more boring than my dream. I shall leave you with one question though, why, after all the bank redundancies does there appear to be more commuters on the dlr, forcing me to stand until Canary Wharf?


DDKK said...

Perhaps the bankers are having to sell their cars and get public transport to work?! It's true though, the DLR is a great service - when it works. Unfortunately it suffers long spates of being incredibly inconvenient in between the times when it is working as it should. On the positive side, when the construction work is all finished you should have more room in the extra carriages - if they are still going all the way of course! It doesn't seem that long ago since the DLR only went between Tower Gateway and Island Gardens, and stopped running at 9pm. Or perhaps I am just getting old!

The Creekside Crawler said...

I take sail from deptford and anchor at canary wharf every morn in my restored motor narrow boat come rain or shine, if you should need a lift?