Sunday, 19 October 2008

It mouse be love

As anyone that has read any previous posts would know, I do love Deptford. I love it for all sorts of reasons; the artyness (though it can get a bit much), the diversity, the south east London-ness of the place, the shops, the proximity to Greenwich, the ease of getting out of it (I know, but it is handy!) and many more reasons that I haven't listed. There is however one more reason for my loving of this part of London that I only discovered yesterday and that is its mice. Of course I don't mean real mice. I mean the fictional ones that my friend just told me about, ones that exist in a trilogy of novels by Robin Jarvis. I have never read this trilogy, but my friend intends to lend it to me. I can't wait.

"In the sewers of Deptford there lurks a dark presence which fills the tunnels with fear: The rats worship it in the blackness and name it Jupiter, Lord of All."

A rat jumped through the window of my neighbours flat a couple of months ago, well so he says anyway. Surely that is a case for the Deptford Mice. Having read a bit about these novels I was relieved to find out from the author's website that it really is this Deptford they are based around .

"I always try to find out all I can about the subject matter in each new story and during this early stage all sorts of new ideas can suggest themselves. With The Deptford Mice trilogy, I incorporated some of the local history of Greenwich and Blackheath."

I never knew I could have such a fondness for the little creatures.


Andrew Brown said...

They look really cool. May have to be bedtime reading for my sons and I!

CarolineLD said...

After being visited by a real mouse, I'm not finding them cute at the moment! Something to read in future, though.

DDKK said...

Yeah Caroline, I'm with you on that one.