Thursday, 6 November 2008

Nights to remember or not

I have just been on holiday. It was great, there was sun but I have to admit I really missed my London nightlife. The greatest thing about London is that you can have a really familiar night out; go to your local pub, little known bar or club, maybe a house party and never be more than a bus route away from your abode OR you can go crazy and cross the river and live it up like a tourist (or maybe meet friends that live in North London). The fact is, in London we can night life it any way we want to. I do admit to loving a local night out and I have so so so loved what was Bubble Gum. That door, just to the west of what was The Live Bar. The fizzy pop! Well now it is the Bunker Club and I have had my fair share of fun there too. Last week a load of my friends went to Death in Deptford (anything to do with Marlowe?) I was abroad but this Friday (the 7th) there is what sounds like a really fun night. Check it out here. The music looks great. They do this twitter thing too but I don't really understand it. Anyway if you do happen to fall through the doors of what was Bubble Gum please let me know if your ice came from an easily decapitated plastic snowman.

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